FIAN Nederland training weekend ‘The Human Right to Food in Practice’

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  • 28/09/2012 - 30/09/2012
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From 28-30 September, FIAN Nederland organises a training weekend in Grolloo (Drenthe), The Netherlands. The theme is: The Human Right To Food in Practice.

This will be an intensive training for people who would like to engage with the right to food and/or FIAN’s work in the future. In the training concrete cases of violations of the right to food in the context of access to natural resources, land grabbing and land conflicts will be analysed. The participants will acquire skills to work on the right to food, use human rights instruments and contribute to the visibility of the struggle for the realisation of the right to food by organizing follow-up activities in their own area.

The entire training weekend costs €75. This fee includes: tuition costs, training materials, full board and lodging (accommodation in shared rooms) and travel costs to the venue from within the Netherlands. These travel costs will be reimbursed after the training weekend. Not included are travel costs outside the Netherlands and any additional costs that might occur during your stay.

Program and information
Here you can find the program of the training weekend. It is still possible that minor program changes will be made before and during the training weekend.

For more information on how to apply, please see the call for participants. For more information on our organization and the training weekend, go to our new website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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13 februari 2016
Discussion: The importance of Ugandan elections in the peace-building process in the Great Lakes Region

In light of the upcoming elections that will take place on 18th of February 2016 in Uganda, The Hague Peace Projects in collaboration with members of the Ugandan diaspora living in The Netherlands is organizing a debate with the title “the importance of Ugandan elections in the peace-building process in the Great Lakes Region”. The debate will take place on 13th February 2016 at 19:00hrs in Humanity House, The Hague.

18 februari 2016
Uganda Votes

Op 18 februari organiseren Vice Versa en het Nederlands Instituut voor Meerpartijen Democratie (NIMD) een verkiezingsavond. Politici, diplomaten, ondernemers, ngo’s en andere experts gaan live in debat over de verkiezingen in Oeganda en democratie in Afrika.

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Deadline inzenden Lira Scherpenzeel Prijs

Twee gerenommeerde journalistieke prijzen zijn samengevoegd tot een nieuwe prijs: de Lira Scherpenzeel Prijs. De prijs zal medio mei worden uitgereikt aan de beste journalistieke productie op het gebied van ‘grensverleggende buitenlandjournalistiek’. Met de prijs willen Stichting Lira, het Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten en Vice Versa het belang onderstrepen van goede berichtgeving over het buitenland. Het inzenden van journalistieke producties uit 2015 kan nog tot en met 19 februari.

25 april 2016
Deliberative democracy

During the series New Democracy, three evenings will be devoted to deliberative democracy; both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. Throughout the evenings we will investigate how to improve representativeness and legitimacy of decision making processes. Guest speakers affiliated with deliberative initiatives, such as the G1000 and other (on- and offline) platforms for deliberation, will reflect upon power mechanisms on various scales within deliberative processes. In this manner, the three evenings are presenting us with the problems and possibilities of democratic innovation.