MDF Training & Consultancy: Alliance and Network Management Course

  • Datum:
  • 26/11/2012 - 30/11/2012
  • Tijd:
  • 00:00
  • Locatie:
  • Hotel De Bosrand
  • Bosrand 28, 6718 ZN
  • Ede

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt cursussen aan in De Bosrand in Ede.

Cursus: Alliance and Network Management: Dynamics and Accountability

Align your network and provide sustainable results
Alliances, platforms and networks are essential to achieve sustainable development results. Joint efforts, either forced from outside or motivated by own choice, require trust between different actors; civil society, private sector and governments. In this course you explore essential aspects of network dynamics and what it means managing these dynamics and show your networks results.

You are a manager and/or participating in a network. You want to understand the network dynamics and how your own behaviour influences the success of the network.

Course Objectives:
At the end of the five-day course you will:

  • Be able to analyse the life cycle of a network, also in specific cultural contexts
  • Be able to define your role and how to adjust it
  • Have practised how to deal with network dynamics
  • Be able to define the difference between network results and process indicators
  • Know how the network can create accountability for the results

This course is designed and conducted in cooperation with Dr. Eelke Wielinga, Link Consult, one of the leading Dutch experts in networking.

When you follow both ANM courses, the total fee is € 3400, a discount of 20%.

Kaart wordt geladen...
1 september 2014
Omgaan met de media: Training voor NGO’s

De Nederlandse non-profit organisatie RNTC organiseert mediatrainingen speciaal voor NGO’s. In onze trainingen kunt u leren hoe media werken, hier en in ontwikkelingslanden en leert u zelf professioneel video- en audioproducties te maken.

3 september 2014
ING and NpM conference ‘A Billion to Gain?’

On 3 September 2014 NpM and ING are organising the all-day event ‘A Billion to Gain? 2014’ at EYE (film institute) in Amsterdam. During this event you will be inspired to envision the future of the inclusive finance sector keeping in mind how you, as a sector, can support the end clients to live up to their own ambitions.

17 september 2014
IRC event: The limits of aid, the future of trade?

What is the role for NGOs and private sector within the government’s Aid and Trade agenda? This event will be co- hosted by DGIS and will focus on the implications of the Aid and Trade Agenda for development cooperation in the WASH sector. The aim is to get to grips with the effects of this agenda for the different actors in the WASH sector.

29 september 2014
Partnership Brokers Training Najaar 2014

Samenwerken doe je om efficiënter doelen te realiseren, te innoveren, toegang te krijgen tot kennis en netwerken die je zelf niet hebt. Maar hoe kom je nu tot een succesvol partnerschap? Hoe werk je aan vertrouwen, hoe maak je optimaal gebruik van diversiteit, hoe versterk je betrokkenheid van partners bij het gezamenlijk doel? Wat doe je als de onderlinge verhoudingen vertroebelen? In de Partnership Brokers Training werk je aan het versterken van je kennis en vaardigheden in het managen van partnerschappen. Je leert van je peers - partnering professionals uit NGO's, bedrijfsleven, overheid en kennisinstellingen - en van experts (ervaren trainers en partnership brokers) over het proces van samenwerken in partnerships.

30 september 2014
Deadline inzending verhalenwedstrijd

Partin en Wilde Ganzen organiseren een verhalenwedstrijd voor KleineGoedeDoelen. Particuliere initiatieven worden uitgenodigd een verhaal te schrijven over de resultaten en de impact van hun project. U kunt uw verhaal inzenden voor 1 oktober 2014.

16 oktober 2014
Africa Works! conference

The Netherlands African Business Council and the African Studies Centre will be organizing the second edition of the Africa Works! conference this fall. The objective of Africa Works! 2014 is to explore the challenges and opportunities Africa poses to companies, government bodies, NGO’s and knowledge centers through informing, inspiring, and expanding professional networks.