MDF Training & Consultancy: Result Based Management Course

  • Datum:
  • 27/08/2012 - 29/08/2012
  • Tijd:
  • 00:00
  • Locatie:
  • Hotel De Bosrand
  • Bosrand 28, 6718 ZN
  • Ede

MDF Training & Consultancy biedt cursussen aan in De Bosrand in Ede.

Cursus: Result Based Management – New

Get your organisation ready to achieve results
Although it sounds very logic and obvious to manage for results, reality is often different. Information about the achievements is not correct or too late and moreover it is difficult to adjust your systems and change staff behaviour in favour of more or better results. Come to understand what organisational changes are required for more result based management.

This course is designed specifically for managers working in NGOs and (not for) profit organisations funded by international development partners who wish to strengthen their result-based management approach in a practical manner.

Course Objectives:
In this course participants will:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Result Based Management (RBM)
  • Understand the importance of a clear primary processes
  • Understand the importance of reliable information
  • Understand the organisational changes required for more RBM
  • Be able to translate new knowledge into organisational improvements

During the three day programme you will work on a series of guiding questions that will steer you through the basics of Result Based Management from a development perspective.

Your own case will serve as the basis for learning and change.

Kaart wordt geladen...
12 maart 2015
Crowdsourcing bootcamp – non-profit organisaties leren door te doen

BOOTCAMP – Het internet biedt veel mogelijkheden voor burgers, scholen en bedrijven om non-profit organisaties te helpen. Het blijkt echter dat individuele non-profit organisaties niet de kennis en middelen hebben om de stap naar ‘online’ te maken. Daarom organiseert PIF World samen met ASN Bank en Kennisbank Filantropie een crowdsourcing bootcamp.

26 mei 2015
MDF Course: Proposal Writing

You have a project idea which needs funding. You want to respond to a request for proposals or mobilise new resources for your organisation. You want to demonstrate your added value but are facing stiff competition.
Learn to write a proposal that stands out. We believe that writing a winning proposal is something we all can learn.

2 juni 2015
Diaspora in Action

In the framework of the “Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals Programme”, IOM is organizing the conference:
DIASPORA IN ACTION. The overall objective of the conference is to share insights on how diaspora professionals can become agent for development and reconstruction in their country of origin. This conference will gather government officials and representatives of host institutions from the nine target countries, representatives from the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs, academia, diaspora organizations, country representations, politicians and other relevant stakeholders.

2 juni 2015
‘The West’s War Against the World’ Yash Tandon

Everything, from land and water to health and human rights, is intimately linked to the issue of free trade. For the vast majority of people, and especially those in the poorer regions of the world, free trade not only hinders development – it causes relentless waves of violence and impoverishment on their lives. Tandon suggests an alternative model to this devastation, one founded on self-sustaining, non-violent communities engaged in trade based on the real value of goods and services. Herewith he tears down the working of organisations like the WTO and agreements like the EU-Africa EPA, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). For the SID Lecture Series ‘New Spaces for International Engagement’, Yash Tandon will discuss the devastating mechanism of global businesses and will propose alternative visions during his lecture ‘The West’s War Against the World’.

3 juni 2015
Internationale Expert Meeting

Van woensdag 3 tot en met vrijdag 5 juni 2015 houden ISA, KNVB WorldCoaches
en Right To Play in Den Haag de tweede Internationale Expert Meeting. De
bijeenkomst wordt georganiseerd vanuit het Sport for Developmentprogramma
van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.

6 juni 2015
Ondernemen tegen armoede

TRAINING – In juni organiseert Seva Network Foundation wederom het 3-daagse trainingsprogramma ‘Ondernemen tegen Armoede’. Heeft u ook altijd willen ondernemen in uw land van herkomst? Zit u vol ideeën, maar weet u niet hoe u deze concreet kunt maken? In de training leert u hoe u uw ideeën kunt omzetten in een businessplan!

8 juni 2015
MDF Course: Advocacy and Policy Influencing

Turn opponents into allies, decide with the decision-makers and change the changers. Understand how you can influence a policy making process. Learn skills to plan and deliver effective advocacy strategies, and gain confidence in relating to various audiences with different interests. You have a voice, now make sure it will be heard…

9 juni 2015
Conferentie religie en ontwikkelingssamenwerking

Zet religie mensen aan tot bijvoorbeeld geweld en discriminatie? Of speelt religie juist een sleutelrol voor ontwikkeling en sociale verandering? Hierover gaat de conferentie ‘De antenne op scherp’ op 9 juni, georganiseerd door Prisma, Kerk in Actie, ICCO, Edukans en het Kenniscentrum Religie en Ontwikkeling. Prins Jaime de Bourbon Parme, ambassadeur in Vaticaanstad, en Musimbi Kanyoro, voorzitter van het Global Fund for Women, zijn de hoofdsprekers van de conferentie.

10 juni 2015
Raising the Game: live debat

Wie legt de miljarden voor de nieuwe Sustainable Development Goals op tafel? Wie draait er op voor de financiering van de bestrijding van de gevolgen van klimaatverandering, hoe fixen we ons financiële systeem, en hoe gaan we belastingontwijking aanpakken? Op 10 juni gaan we in De Balie hier over in debat, georganiseerd door Oxfam Novib in samenwerking met Vice Versa.

14 juni 2015
Deadline inschrijving Masterclass Storytelling

Altijd al geïnteresseerd geweest in de rol van vrouwen in conflictsituaties? En zou je graag eens een pakkende publieksactie willen opzetten? Maar wil je leren je verhaal krachtig neer te zetten? Grijp dan deze kans en schrijf je voor 14 juni in voor de Masterclass Storytelling!

15 juni 2015
MDF Course: Leadership and People Management

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” (Steve Jobs). What makes someone a good leader? Do you have it in you? We believe that good managers are made, not born. Innovate yourself and explore modern concepts of leadership. Learn how to empower your people. Sharpen your personal effectiveness and realise the ambitions of your organisation.

16 juni 2015
MDF Course: Outcome Mapping

Achieving social change involves influencing the multiple factors triggering that change. Become more pragmatic about the influence you have on partners and about how partners create change. Outcome Mapping (OM) offers an innovative alternative to approaches that plan for lineair results. OM helps you to design and measure strategies that lead to realistic outcomes in complex realities.

2 juli 2015
‘Pay your taxes where you add the value’

CONFERENCE – In co-operation with the Universities of Groningen and Tilburg and the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands organizes a one-day international tax conference. The conference will provide a forum for academics, companies, government officials and members of civil society to discuss effective ways to support developing countries’ tax policy and revenue collection.